This 100 page document has recently made the rounds: Thiel on Progress and Stagnation. Despite looking quite comprehensive, I was surprised to see that quite a few of Thiel’s online writings were absent from the references section. Maybe the creators of the document left those out on purpose, but I suspect they might just not have been aware of them. A lot of Thiel’s online writings appear in relatively obscure places, and I haven’t been able to find a good list that includes all of them. So here is a list of everything Peter Thiel has written online, as far as I’m aware of:

Spending the Future

Against Edenism

Back to the Future

You Should Run Your Startup Like a Cult. Here’s How

The Optimistic Thought Experiment

The New Atomic Age We Need

Peter Thiel: The Online Privacy Debate Won’t End With Gawker

Good for Google, Bad for America

The Education of a Libertarian

The Straussian Moment

The End of the Future

Thinking too highly of higher ed (No paywall)

You can comment or DM me if I’m missing anything.