• What I Learned Dropping Out of High School

    I – Dropping out of high school

    At some point in middle school I started to want to graduate from high school early. I didn’t enjoy school. Most subjects were boring. Lectures were uninspiring and exams stressful. But it was the subjects I enjoyed the most that were the worst. I wanted to become a physicist. And so I liked to read ahead in the math and physics textbooks. But then the lectures became even more boring since they didn’t teach me anything new. And if I made it known that I already knew the material taught, I was usually just told to stay quiet and probably seen as smug by the rest of the class. And so I spent the vast majority of class time sleeping or doodling in the back of the class.

  • A Simple $15k Experiment to Prove That College Is a Sham

    Take a group of 20 college students taking a four credit introductory physics class. Let’s assume they pay the average tuition at a non-profit college of $34,740 in 2017, and each student takes 16 credits per semester. This would mean that each student is paying $4,342.5 for this class, and the total cost of the class is $86,850¹.

  • The Case for Dropping Out of College

    During the summer, my father asked me whether the money he’d spent to finance my first few years at Fordham University in New York City, one of the more expensive private colleges in the United States, had been well spent. I said yes, which was a lie.